Inter- magazine was mobilized as a platform with no conclusive theme constraining content besides holding relevance with contemporary conversations in and around the city of Cape Town. This online magazine is aimed at initiating dialogue in an open and informative context from which new and fresh perspectives are born. Functioning as a stage for unlikely conversations, the Inter- platform strives to defy the spatial and social limitations of Cape Town by stimulating and hosting a new collection of voices that speak from various vantages - a palimpsest creating a composition of sounds that can give a voice to a young society in flux. 


Manifesto/ Manifestation

Inter- exists as a platform created to initiate and stimulate conversations amongst the interdisciplinary creative spheres in [and beyond] Cape Town

creators of situations that can lead to new understandings

a Publication that aims to make the inordinate pass from silence to word and make it possible for this word to be more representative that representable

Inter- does not aim to define a voice or opinion, but rather to become a stage where the unheard can become audible and opinions can become hybrid thus curating conversations with the aim to inform and instigate - not define

On such a platform everything is real, everything is showable, sayable, objectively representable. This is reality, and is mathematically identified as true, and therefore as legitimate.





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